Meet Apurupa Vatsalya 

Lawyer turned Sexuality Educator

A certified Sexuality Educator and POSH Trainer, Apurupa has been researching, creating modules, and facilitating CSE workshops for young people between the ages of 6-18 years and their parents & educators for over 4 years now. 
Having also worked with adults to enable them to understand and comply with anti-harassment workplace laws, they’ve worked at the intersections of gender, sexuality, safety, body neutrality, and identity, and how emotional well-being, disability, and social justice are connected to those aspects. You can find them on Instagram: @inapurupriate
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Gender & Sexuality 101

This Masterclass is for anybody who has felt curious to understand the terms sex, gender, or sexuality in the Indian context. Perhaps your curiosity stems from hearing these terms thrown around in media & pop culture, or maybe somebody has come out to you recently. Maybe you are on your journey of self-exploration or simply looking for information so you may be respectful of different people and their experiences. This Masterclass is queer and trans-affirming and is by a queer and trans sex educator themselves. 
4 modules
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This Masterclass was not only informative, but also felt like talking to an elder sister I never had. The best part was that I could take it at my own pace and didn’t have to rush it. It helped me learn so much about myself too. Was so different from searching stuff on YouTube, as this gave me credible information about sex and sooo much more! I loved the fact that it focused on your relationship with your body and mind first and then went on to partners and the society at large. I am 1000% confident that after taking this Masterclass we’ll all be saved from looking up “is it okay to…” on incognito mode and move towards healthier, safer and more pleasurable sex! Wish I had taken this class earlier—would've saved myself from a gazillion awkward situations! Thank you Team Sassy for putting this out there!
- SADHYA, 22
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