Sex Ed Masterclass

We're making inclusive and realistic sex education accessible for people of diverse identities and bodies.
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Why do you need
this Masterclass?


About bodies, yours and others', and for all things sex, attraction, gender, and safety


Misinformation, myths, and dodgy info from not so reliable sources 


To spread the word and bring the knowledge to real-life, practical scenarios, for managing expectations and setting boundaries
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Make An Informed Choice

As India’s first free, queer and trans-affirmative, pleasure-centric Masterclass on Sex Ed, the onus is upon us to provide you with language, resources, and techniques relevant to YOUR sexual wellness journey. With each module, you’ll be building hands-on knowledge that will help you make informed choices and decisions in your own life!
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Pick Your Pace

You decide your flow. Through the self-paced mode, you can pick a pace that suits you the best, depending on your safety and comfort – be it at home or on-the-go.

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Curated By India’s Top Sexuality Educators

We looked into the best to educate you on
S-E-X and everything about it, with an inclusive, mindful and holistic approach.

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Who's it for?

Any and every adult (18+)
Who got it bad with misinformation from porn and pop culture and trying to relearn or develop their understanding of the modern day reliable sex ed.
It's never too late to have your dose of sex ed.
It's time to get up-to-date with facts which you can pass onto your kids!

We did our homework to save you the time & effort. Take that first step towards learning and educating those around, one module at a time.
Health & Legal Professionals
With changing socio-legal contexts, it's important to be upbeat about inclusive and credible information about bodies, identities and sexuality, in general.



A note from Sachee

I started That Sassy Thing with the vision to normalise all conversations related to our bodies, pleasure, sexualities and beyond. Masterclass by TST is another step in making credible, real and inclusive Sex Ed accessible to more folks.

Meet our team 

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