Artika Singh 

Sexual & Menstrual Health Educator

As an award-winning menstrual & sexual health educator, Artika is trained in the Anthropology of Public health and Action Anthropology. She founded Taarini Foundation in 2018 with a pilot project, MAHINA that encompassed Menstrual & Sexual Health education, advocacy, shifting to sustainable menstruation, and social entrepreneurship under one umbrella- catering to both rural and urban demographics. Over the past 4 years, Artika has had the opportunity to engage with communities across 5 Indian states through on-ground efforts and several more using online channels. Through her work, she aims to bring forth a non-judgemental, information-led approach to the Sexual and Menstrual Wellness space. 
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C for Consent

This masterclass is for people of all ages and genders, who want to build a comprehensive understanding of consent and are wondering how to navigate it in different spaces. This masterclass also addresses the importance of discussing personal boundaries, and how to approach difficult conversations that may arise when consent has been breached - by you or by others.
5 Modules
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I wish I understood the nuances of consent growing up. This is such an important thing to teach kids too - consent is key in so many aspects of our life and relationships. Loved how relevant, realistic and easy to follow this Masterclass is.

Sex Ed Basics by Karishma Swarup

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