Meet Karishma Swarup

Award-winning Sexuality Educator

Karishma Swarup began her journey as a sexuality educator while she was still an undergrad student at Brown University. Trained by Planned Parenthood, she began contextualizing these conversations for the Indian audience through her Instagram handle @talkyounevergot.
In her work, Karishma aims to destigmatize the societal perceptions around sex and sexuality and has helped educate people about these important conversations across the globe, by fostering an ethos that is sex-positive and prioritizes sexual wellness.
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Sex Ed Basics

This Masterclass is a comprehensive sex-ed course that is tailored for the Indian audience. It has been designed to provide sex-ed that centers pleasure in the sexual experience, instead of shame and fear. The masterclass also touches upon how our bodies function in the context of sexual health and relationships, and the decisions to be considered to minimize the transmission of STIs and mitigate the risk of unwanted pregnancy. This Masterclass will help you take charge of your sexual health by guiding you to get to know your body better and by introducing you to tips, tools, and techniques that ensure your well-being. However, this course is not a replacement for professional medical advice.
7 modules
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I learnt so much from Karishma's Masterclass - you are never taught about sex with a pleasure-centric approach in India. It definitely is curated with a lot of thought and empathy. Kudos to educators and team That Sassy Thing. 
- Aastha, 30
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