Meet Swati Jagdish

Sexuality Health Educator & Psychologist

Swati Jagdish, endearingly known as ‘Maya’s amma’ is the first internationally certified lactation educator & counselor in Coimbatore, and a renowned sex educator, helping people normalize conversations about the body, anatomy, pleasure, consent, sexuality, relationships, and much more. Over the course, she has impacted almost 4000 mothers in their postpartum journey. As one of the most influential sex ed creators on Instagram, she’s known to shed light upon various aspects of intimacy, parenting, adolescence, sexual health, etc., in the most simplified and compassionate ways.
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Intimacy after Childbirth

This masterclass is a birth education for people of all ages and genders, including but not limited to birthgivers and their loved ones, people contemplating conception, those experiencing postpartum, and anybody wondering about how childbirth affects the people involved in the process. This masterclass speaks to the varied experiences of birth-giving and postpartum and offers things to consider while navigating sexual interactions thereafter. It also brings to light the various misconceived notions that contribute to the parent/birthgiver's self-esteem, changes in the relational dynamics between partners, and how societal taboo as well as media misrepresentation might feed into them. 
7 modules
English (summarized in Tamil)
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I really like how she explains and makes us question a lot of things being told to pregnant& new moms and those questions we have in mind but don't feel comfortable asking (intimacy related noone talks about). Thanks That Sassy Thing for making this part of sex education and doing this course -good luck!
- SUJATA, 34
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